Saturday, August 6, 2016

SoftAcres is Temporarily on Break

Hi Folks!

Since 2011 when I suspended the business, I have had a steady number of inquiries about sales. This has really encouraged me! I do plan to start up this Salvia and rare plants business again.

In my personal life I have gone through a huge number of changes and a series of adventures, building up a journalism career as a Modern Nomad. Please see...

...and follow my daily posts.

I've crossed the country twice mostly walking, but also using train and bus travel on four Journeys and am now on my fifth exploring the coast of Maine.

My objective - besides publishing entertaining and informative posts on my "Living Magazine" at IWALLK - is to earn enough to write and publish several books and raise money to build a self sustaining house and property. My plans for that can be seen here...

So, all of this is integrating and will eventually provide a place for me to start the SoftAcres business again, this time with many more exotic plants and seeds for sale!

Please stay tuned and check into any and all of these blogs to see all of this gel over time. And feel free to friend me on Facebook! There is a Facebook group discussing the IWALLK experience. Feel free to get involved!

Until we meet again here at SoftAcres, be well!